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A few days ago, I discovered a friend had created a podcast using I’d never heard of it before, so I decided to go check it out. It actually seems like a really easy way to create a podcast! My husband has a golf podcast, and he spends a LOT of time with it each week. Even getting it all set up and distributed seemed like it was such a pain. I’ve thought of starting a podcast before, but I haven’t for two reasons. Number one, there’s just a lot of work involved. And number two, it’d just be me, so it’d kind of be a monologue. But we’ll get to that in a minute. really seems to take a lot of the complexity out of creating a podcast and even make it more fun, so… I decided to give it shot!

Now, here’s where reason number two for NOT starting a podcast comes in. What would it be about? And would people really want to listen to just me talking? Well, obviously it would be about Star Wars. And I do love to talk about Star Wars. There’s a lot of news and stuff to cover out there in the galaxy right now, so I really think finding topics would actually be pretty easy. Now, as for just listening to me talking, that’s a different story. I honestly don’t know.

So here’s the thing. I don’t know where this is going to go. I haven’t thought it through fully, but hey. Honestly, why not? Like I said, I’ll have plenty of topics to cover, and as for if anyone wants to listen to e ramble on about Star Wars, well, they don’t have to. That will just be a challenge for me to take on – how to make things more interesting. Challenge accepted! I don’t really care at this point if I get many listeners or not. That’s kind of my mantra for this year. I just want to create. Whether it’s a written blog or content on social networks or now a podcast, I just want to have fun and enjoy it. And maybe in the process someone else will enjoy it too.

I’m still learning about podcasting, obviously. There’s a lot of options out there and ways I could go about. Obviously some will work, and some won’t. But I’m going to give it a shot. So, if you’re interested in listening to me ramble on about Star Wars, check out my new podcast. It’s just called Jedi Fangirl: A Star Wars Podcast, and you can find it currently on Spotify and, with hopefully more platforms coming soon!

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