Star Wars Film Discussion Podcast Series

So last Friday, I started a podcast. Since then, I’ve really been getting into it. I’m starting with a film discussion series, and I never expected it to be as much fun as it has been so far. really does make it very easy to do. I’ve also found it easy to talk about things. I mean, of course I love to talk about Star Wars! So far it’s mostly just my own monologue, so I hope the people listening don’t get too bored. I recorded the first “real” episode (after the Introduction) this week, and I’m honestly very excited about it. It will be released on Friday. But it’s 40 minutes long! It seems like it would be hard to want to listen to the same person talking for 40 minutes, but I really hope listeners do enjoy it.

As I started thinking about exactly what to make the podcast about (we all know it’s Star Wars, but WHAT exactly?), I got an idea. I just finished re-watching all of the live action Star Wars films in preparation for Episode IX, so why not discuss each one of them individually? So that’s what I decided to do. When I do a rewatch, I generally start with Episode I, so that’s where I’m starting with my discussions. The podcast episode discussing Episode I is now pretty much complete and will be released on Friday. Yes, since I started inadvertently on a Friday, I decided to just release them weekly on Fridays. Why not? So be watching for that!

Even if you’ve never watched any of the Star Wars films before, what you can do is listen to the first part of this next Episode that’s coming on Friday. It explains a bit about the movies and the order of them, and what my recommendation is for watching them and listening to my podcast. Of course you are welcome to listen even if you are just getting your first taste of Star Wars. I just have some recommendations for the best experience if you’re doing that.

Also, if you’re already a Star Wars fan, I’d love to include your input on the podcast! Go to my podcast page and click on “Message” (or just click here) to send me a voice message detailing your thoughts on The Phantom Menace (or Attack of the Clones for next week!). I’d really love to have others’ feedback as I’m working my way through all of the films and discussing them. I just don’t want any haters, please. If you send me a message about everything that’s wrong with a movie, I’m not likely to feature you. You can also just let me know your thoughts in general about Star Wars or my page or the podcast. I love having the ability to feature these on the podcast so it’s not just me talking. You can send me an email as well.

So that’s what’s coming. I’m really working to grow Jedi Fangirl this year and do more, so if you have any ideas, just let know!

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