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How lucky are we, to get TWO Star Wars movies in a 6 month time period?? It’s a good thing, because December 2019 is a long way to wait until Episode IX, that’s for sure! But in the meantime, we get another standalone movie to tide us over. And this one tells the back story for our favorite smuggler and hero of the Rebellion, Han Solo.

Some people are not happy about the casting for Han Solo and are already disappointed in this movie, despite the fact that it hasn’t even been released yet! I’m just excited to get to spend some more time in the Star Wars universe and to learn more about Han’s backstory. More and more info is getting released about the upcoming film, so here’s a bit to prepare you, get you excited, or, well, even disappoint you if you’re that kind of fan.

New Teaser Trailer

A short teaser trailer was released during the Super Bowl, and we got a full teaser trailer the next day during Good Morning America. Check out the full one below!

It shows more of the characters we’ve only seen pictures of until now (doesn’t Donald Glover look awesome as Lando?!) as well as some shots of the very different Millennium Falcon. I for one, am actually very excited about this movie!

New Posters has also released some great teaser posters of the characters in the upcoming movie. They’re beautiful!

Magazine Article and Photos

Entertainment Weekly has released some new info and photos in their latest issue about Solo: A Star Wars Story. You can read some of it online here, but check out this cover. I love this photo and am definitely on the lookout for a copy of the print magazine!

EW Solo Cover




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