Star Wars Dessert Party at Hollywood Studios

It’s been too long! I know, I know, it’s been over a month since I wrote a new post. Such a travesty. I’ve been out and about, but I’m back now. And I’ve been doing some Star Wars things… like attending the Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! It was a great experience, and in my opinion, worth the price. So I figured I’d tell you guys all about it.

Star Wars at Disney World

Currently, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the best out of the four parks at Walt Disney World to get some exposure to Star Wars. That’s about to increase by about ten-fold (if not a hundred-fold!) when the new Galaxy’s Edge land opens next year. It’s a completely Star Wars-themed land, and I can’t wait! They currently have a nice mural of the Millennium Falcon up at the entrance to what will eventually be the gate to Galaxy’s Edge.

Dessert Party

So what is a dessert party? Well, each of the four Disney World parks have some kind of night-time event every night, usually including fireworks. The main one at Hollywood Studios is Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular. So many people stick around and watch these fireworks events that it gets pretty crowded. What’s the best way to find a good spot to see them? Attend a dessert party! You can pay a bit extra and sign up for one of these at any Disney park. It includes a party with unlimited desserts, drinks (sometimes alcoholic drinks like in the Galactic Spectacular dessert party), and snacks as well as being walked out to a roped-off spot where you get prime viewing of the fireworks and night-time event.

The arrival time for the dessert party was 7:30 PM, and I arrived at the Star Wars Launch Bay a bit early to walk around. Inside the Launch Bay is a shop where you can buy Star Wars-themed items, including customized phone cases and name tags. I previously purchased one of the phone cases, and the bumper around the outside of mine wore out and cracked. They were happy to replace it for me.

Inside Launch Bay

Also inside the Launch Bay, you can meet Kylo Ren, Chewbacca, and BB-8 and get your picture taken with them. I got pictures with Chewbacca on a previous trip here, so I skipped him this time. I decided to meet Kylo Ren and congratulate him on his promotion to Supreme Leader. This was a funny experience, especially considering I was wearing a Star Wars “rebel” shirt. He sensed my devotion to the other side and was not happy. He suggested I reconsider my loyalties while I still could. The photographer was taking pictures during the whole exchange, and I think the progression of the photos turned out pretty funny.

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I also made a visit to BB-8. He’s not quite as interactive. Mostly just sits there and beeps at you. I did insist on tickling his belly, though.

Party Time

The dessert party starts at 7:30 PM but you can check in and wander around the Launch Bay before then, which is what I did. Besides meeting characters and shopping, there are also some Star Wars art and props to check out. At 7:30, I headed for the food. It included quite an array of desserts, including Star Wars-themed cupcakes and some really awesome bread pudding. What makes the value even more worth it is the unlimited drinks as well. You can enjoy several themed mixed drinks as well as beer and wine. And of course, non-alcoholic beverages as well. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Star Wars party without some storm troopers walking around.

You get a little over an hour to enjoy your drinks and desserts before you are escorted (by stormtroopers, of course) outside to your area for the fireworks. Oh, and on the way out they give you a gift as well as a small bottle of water. This time the gift was a Captain Phasma mug. I’ve heard in the past it has been a Chewbacca mug or even an AT-AT popcorn bucket.

A Galactic Spectacular

The area you view the show from is actually a courtyard in front of the Chinese theater. It’s a great spot to see the projections as well as the fireworks, and you can even choose to sit on the curb like I did. There’s plenty of room for everyone, so no need to be crowded up like those that didn’t pay extra for the dessert party.

The show is fun to see and very nostalgic for Star Wars fans. It’s definitely a must-see if you are at Disney. Hollywood Studios is one of my favorites of the four Disney World parks, mostly because of their Star Wars stuff, which will only get better. I highly recommend the dessert party and checking it out if you can before Galaxy’s Edge opens and the park gets super crowded. There is still plenty of stuff there to keep Star Wars fans happy!









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