Queen’s Shadow: A Book Review

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been reading a lot of the Star Wars books lately. It’s how I started my year in 2018 after The Last Jedi released, and I seem to be doing it again. I’m loving how there are so many novels that tackle the prequel era now. There’s Master & Apprentice, Queen’s Shadow, and right now I am reading Ahsoka. I really love these characters and finding out more about them.

Queen's Shadow

Queen’s Shadow by E. K. Johnston gives us some insight into Padmé Amidala and her handmaidens. If you’ve ever wondered about those figures you always see with her in the movies, this is the book for you. It takes place after The Phantom Menace but before Attack of the Clones. We get to see a bit of the handmaidens in the movies, but this lets you get to know them more. You also kind of see their role with Padmé, both before and after she was queen. I don’t want to get into too much about what you learn in case I spoil it, but it’s all very interesting.

Learning about how things worked on Naboo as well as the handmaidens is probably the best thing about this book, in my opinion. That’s ok, because I definitely enjoyed it. If you are looking for a really exciting plot, though, this may not be the book for you. I thought the plot was a bit thin, but still enjoyed the book overall. I love reading more about the characters of Star Wars and things that we don’t see in the movies. Learning more about the relationships between the characters is always appreciated too. This book was great for that. Besides the handmaidens, you also get to see a bit of the friendship between Padmé and Bail Organa. It’s interesting when you think about how he was the one that ended up raising her daughter (Leia) later on.

Overall, if you’re interested in the prequel era and especially Padmé or Naboo, give this one a read. It’s definitely worth it to find out more about her and the handmaidens. There’s a lot about them you don’t see in the movies. There’s also a prequel coming out this year called Queen’s Peril. Padme’s time as queen seems interesting to learn about too. Check both of them out!

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